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A Tank you and your fish can truly enjoy

Let our aquarium experts be there in your corner, bringing your vision to life. We can help answer a sea of questions when it comes to aquarium set up, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

From helping you select fish to everything you need to know about which plants, invertebrates, and corals can make the most beautiful ecosystem that’s right for you, we are here to help. 

We specialize in setting up new aquariums to fit your space and budget. Plus, we clean and maintain your existing tanks, helping you troubleshoot any rough waters

Why look at your tank and cringe? Or stare at that empty space wishing for a relaxing aquarium to enjoy? Give yourself and your fish the tank of your dreams without the stress and hard work. From small to elaborate set ups, we can bring the beauty and relaxation of a high-quality aquarium to you.

Let us bring you the beauty and relaxation of a high-quality aquarium right to you.


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full Aquarium

We will design an aquarium to meet your budget, aesthetic goals, and with ease of maintenance in mind.

Aquarium Maintenance

We clean, maintain, and provide preventative care for your aquarium set up on a twice-monthly basis.

Aquarium Trouble-shooting

Access our expert knowledge in your own home! We come to you to help identify tank issues & solutions.

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