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the aquarium keepers


With over 7 years in aquatic systems experience, our expansive knowledge base not only helps us navigate and troubleshoot aquarium issues, but it also helps us prevent problems before they start.

superior service

We hook you up with the highest quality service, taking the hassle out of aquarium set up. Our maintenance services means smooth sailing for you and your fish.

affordable pricing

Having a clean, well-maintained aquarium doesn’t require finding lost treasures at sea. We customize your aquarium services to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Whether it’s as-needed assistance or a full management of your aquatics system, we cover the waters.

Austin cleaning a fish tank
meet our chief fish guy

austin weber

Austin has been working in the pet industry since 2013 and within the aquatics industry since 2015. He has extensive knowledge in both freshwater and saltwater systems, and can help clients create everything from a great looking tank for a kids’ room to a large elaborate reef. With a strong understanding of fish and coral types, Austin can help you stock your tank with the right components for maximum success.

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