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The Aquarium Keepers specializes in setting up a beautiful tank to fit your space and maximize your goals within your budget. We can answer a sea of questions when it comes to aquarium set up, from helping you select fish to everything you need to know about which plants, invertebrates, and corals can make the most beautiful ecosystem that’s right for you. We are here to help.

how it works

When we set up an aquarium system we have three main objectives: Design a beautiful aquarium that aligns with your aquarium goals, Install a mechanical system that is functional and appropriate for your intended design, and Build a thriving ecosystem that will set your aquarium up for long term success. 

a beautiful aquarium

1) Design

We have questions – lots and lots of questions. We want to make sure that your aquarium goals and expectations are in alignment with your budget, space, and long term maintenance requirements.

We will ask you if you have seen any aquariums that you love, what kind of inhabitants you like, and more. 

Don’t have any ideas yet? That’s ok! We have examples we can show you to better understand what you like and what you don’t.

the right support system

2) Install

Aquariums might look simple, but a good aquarium is a complex system designed the support a complex ecosystem. 

Each aquarium needs the right mechanical systems to support the type of inhabitants planned. Whether you want a planted freshwater tank, a koi system, coral showcase, or a predator saltwater aquarium, the right equipment is your top priority. We will help make sure you have the right lights, pumps, and filtration to make your system work, and work well.

a thriving ecosystem

3) Build

It is easy to see a collection of beautiful aquariums online and want one of everything! However, it is important to remember that building out a beautiful, thriving aquarium requires considering every component that will make that ecosystem function at its greatest potential.

Not every fish, plant, or coral is compatible with each other. On the flipside, some inhabitants are part of a symbiotic pair. We bring your design goals to life with a beautiful, flourishing aquatic environment.

regular maintenance

Have an aquarium that has seen better days? Or want to make sure your new tank stays in top shape? We can set up up with regular maintenance for smooth sailing.

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